Welcome to BBtech

BBTech provides online payment solutions for businesses that help our clients remain competitive in today's fast paced world.

We specialize in international fund transfers in association with our global business partner Western Union Business Solutions. Through our powerful suite of online products and services our clients can invoice in their local currency while giving greater flexibility to their customers to pay in their own local currency. The average transaction is completed within two days from the time funds are deposited into a Western Union Business Solutions account to the time they are deposited into our client's account.

Our solutions provide savings in terms of direct costs (no bank transaction fees) and indirect costs (no bank reconciliation fees) as well as significant savings in operational expenditure. These savings are driven by lower reconciliation costs, resulting from the time saved in streamlined processes, the easy tracking of payments, and transparency of information.

We also have credit card processing facilities in New Zealand and Australia, with other countries coming onboard shortly.

It is important to us that we provide you and your business with the best online financial solutions available.